With much hard work and a natural ability to cook, we have come up with a menu that you'll simply love with fresh Jamaican jerk seasoned chicken, lamb, and prawns fresh fast and tasty . Our meats are marinated over night to give you a well seasoned full of flavor meal. Famous at carnivals and street food festivals we created the perfect  mac and cheese, BBQ grilled wraps and chips, prawns and beautiful salads to coated in our delicious homemade sauces  come and try our homemade specially developed sauces

Mango and jerk

Pineapple rum,

Sweet honey and garlic all homemade and freshly made here at Quedas Kitchen we specialize in grilled BBQ food as we also serve traditional rice and peas served with curry mutton or curry chicken. We are also available for bookings and private events contact us below whatever the weather.

(Allergen advice

unfortunately, some of our recipes do include allergens

please do contact us on our contact page for more information.


  • Curried Mutton and rice, with a choice of rice and peas, (contains allergens)

  • plain white basmati rice with a side of sweet plantains. 

  • Contains allergies please look at the product description on the order menu



  1. shallow fried in olive oil Chicken sealed with seasonings spices and curry blends  to give you that delicious taste served with a side of plantain

  •  Basmati rice

  •  Rice and peas( Contians Allergies please look on the dish discription


This latest addition to our menu has already become our customers’ favorite. Day or night, our Chef’s Special is the dish you’ve been craving our jerk chicken and lamb wrap!

Contains allergens Mustard

sauces Allergens , Eggs ,Wheat



fresh juices made daily all-vegan inspired no added preservatives or additives all natural made with a hint of honey and sugar these selected ingredients are  known for its immune boosting quality why not try one of the three 

  • 1.Beetroot,Lemon,ginger

  • 2.carrot,spices,infused with ginger 

  • 3.cool cucumber lemon and ginger


Quedas Kitchen, with unique Caribbean flavours we specialize in traditional grilled medium or hot spiced food.

what ever the weather We Grill  our food on our open BBQ. 

Marinated chicken,lamb and vegetarian Dishes seasoned in our homemade freshly selected herbs and spices.  

For Events bookings Allergen advice, or just general inquiry's