Ever wondered what makes you love certain foods more than others?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I believe that our love of food comes from exposure to different tastes and from the your culture these are the influences of what you love I come from a very diverse background a a mixture of many cultures from around the world.

My love of food began at a young tender age I remember always being in the kitchen and cooking independently on my own from the age of seven.

I could cook clean and season food I was cooking for my whole family and we were a big family of at least 8 we were not lovers of meat we grew up on many vegetarian meals meat was a few dishes mainly chicken and a bit of fish and on the odd occasion lamb or mutton .

I learnt how to cook from my mother who learnt from my grandmother an inspiration to all. My grandmother was Indian but born in Jamaica my great grandparents were both Indian from Pakistan who moved to Jamaica and became land owners. so the mix of both the Asian and Jamaican spices infused.

My grandmother was a great hostess always bring people together through food she often travelled to an from Jamaica she was a business woman an entrepreneur she also owned land and shop in Jamaica as well as live stock, my grandmother was well known for her food as she often cooked for many people especially those that didn't have much . grandma was famous for her Ackee and Saltfish, Dahls, Roties ,curries and rice and peas. very Sunday without fail this was the place to be my grandma was a multitalented woman who passed this on to my mother who exposed and influenced me to her skills herbs and spices .

so from the good old English roast to the Jamaican rice and peas to curried lentils, roties and chicken curries infused with , Scottish ,Jamaican and Asian traditions this is what has created our flavours for you to enjoy.

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