My roots!

Updated: Mar 3

My love of food started from the age of seven I’d cook for family and friends I watched and learnt and was taught by my mother

My inspiration of cooking came from my grandmother and my mother both being well known for amazing cooking growing up everyone would come to ours for dinner always complimenting on the dishes my mother made. My grandmother was born in Jamaica but was full Indian heritage my great grandparents they originated from what is now Pakistan so my cooking has always been a mix and blend of the finest spices mixed with our Jamaican heritage, West Indian Jamaican.

I often found myself cooking a variety of dishes From curries dahls, rotis to the English roast dinners with a Caribbean infusion of spice and Jamaican rice and peas. I followed the love of cooking from my mother who I love very dearly. Although growing up wasn't always easy my mum would always make sure we had the best food infused with the skills she had been taught from her mother skills that were passed on to myself.

My beloved grandmother who was also very known in the community in both England and Jamaica she was much loved and remembered for her kindness and warmth to others she would always feed those that never had my grandmother would share her love through food she was a land owner with a shop back in Jamaica her land still stands today god bless her.

As a child I’d always be the one in the kitchen cooking experimenting with different dishes and being creative with the ingredients to create food made with love . At a young age I would cook for friends and family

I found myself cooking for private functions Nottinghill carnival street festivals and much much more with BBQS my specialty as well as my curried mutton lamb chops and secret snapper recipe and jerk chicken.

Over the years I develop[ed my own herbs and spices and marinades just for Quedas kitchen to share the food I love with the people I love like bob Bob Marley says one love!

with only the best food distinctive in taste a recognised quality that all my customers could enjoy from mild to medium to that extra spice welcome to Quedas kitchen

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